The English Mistletoe Shop

A small, winter season supplier of Mistletoe, Grow-Your-Own Kits, Books & Cards - ideal for Christmas, Valentines, and Gardeners! Mistletoe is harvested from the English mistletoe heartlands of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire.




Mistletoe Matters Consultancy

Mistletoe Matters provides information and advice on all aspects of mistletoe in the UK. Mistletoe activities, conservation and wildlife, talks, walks & workshops, guidance and help with mistletoe planting, harvest and control. Plus media stories & advice.

Mistletoe Books... and Survey Projects

  • A Little Book About Mistletoe
    imageA little bit about everything you wanted to know about mistletoe, in a full colour and accessible guide.
    Available in both print and Kindle formats!

    Contents include: What is Mistletoe? : Where does it grow? : Ancient Traditions : Modern Traditions : Mistletoe Harvest : Where do you get yours? : Mistletoe Events : Mistletoe Decorative Art : Mistletoe Medicine : Mistletoe Wildlife : Conserving Mistletoe : Controlling Mistletoe : Growing Your Own.