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Mistletoe in Poplar treesThe Mistletoe Matters Consultancy provides information and advice on all aspects of mistletoe in the UK.

Our native mistletoe species is, of course, the classic mistletoe of winter traditions, Viscum album, the European White-berried Mistletoe (not to be confused with the many other mistletoe species around the World!).

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Mistletoe Matters is run by Jonathan Briggs, a national mistletoe expert with over 25 years research experience with this parasitic plant. More information on Jonathan can be found here - and more information on mistletoe can be found via the Mistletoe Gateway and the Mistletoe Pages.

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Consultancy and events

mistletoe clump on treeWe offer advice, information and practical help with harvesting and growing mistletoe, as well as advice in mistletoe conservation and mistletoe control projects and problems.

Jonathan Briggs is available for talks on all aspects of mistletoe, plus walks in mistletoe country (primarily the south-west midlands).

Workshops on all aspects of mistletoe are also available.

Mistletoe Matters participates in many mistletoe events. We also provide help and advice for media coverage of mistletoe, and are preparing a mistletoe picture library.

Current Projects

mistletoe weevil

Ongoing projects include continued research into mistletoe ecology, particularly the 6 specialist mistletoe insects (the mistletoe weevil is pictured left), and more guidance on mistletoe management.

The Mistletoe League Project, aims to gather information on mistletoe management on fruit trees and to try to ascertain which apple varieties are most, and least, susceptible to mistletoe growth. Details are available at

Mistletoe Diary

Mistletoe Diary

For informal news on mistletoe events, activities and initiatives visit Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary on Wordpress.

Regularly updated during the winter season - with occasional contributions in summertime too!

Selected publications

All by Jonathan Briggs:

2012 Mistletoe on the move Biologist 59 (5) 24-27

2012 Kiss Me Quick The Garden (RHS) 137 (12) 61-64

2011 Mistletoe - a review of its distribution, conservation and insect associates, British Wildlife 23:1 (Oct 2011); 23-31

2011 Mistletoe and mistletoe insects, overview and observations from 2010, Worcs Record 30; 9-15 (an html version of this article is available here)

2011 Mistletoe (Viscum album); a brief review of its local status with recent observations on its insect associations and conservation problems, Proc Cotts Nat Field Club, XLV (II), 181 193

2010 A Little Book About Mistletoe, Potamogeton Press

2008 Mistletoe - an ancient specialist of orchards and groves, Orchards and Groves; their history, ecology, culture and archaeology, Conference Proceedings, Sheffield Hallam University

2003 Christmas curiosity or medical marvel? A seasonal review of mistletoe, Biologist 50 (6) 249-254

1999 Kissing Goodbye to Mistletoe? BSBI and Plantlife Report

1996 Mistletoe – distribution, biology and the National Survey, British Wildlife 7(2), 75-82

1995 Healed with a Kiss, BBC Wildlife Magazine 14, 12 74-78

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The Mistletoe Pages website gives a general overview of mistletoe issues: The Mistletoe Pages

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Mistletoe Survey

Details about public participation surveys that will help document mistletoe's behaviour and needs:

The Mistletoe League Survey Project


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