About this site

About www.mistletoe.org.uk

  • This website was set up by mistletoe enthusiast Jonathan Briggs back in January 2000, to replace a series of previous mistletoe-themed websites. It now acts as a directory/gateway to a number of mistletoe sites, mostly still run by Jonathan, and including a new version of the original 'Mistletoe Pages'

    To visit the actual websites choose from the list below:

The Mistletoe Pages

Facts about mistletoe traditions, biology, conservation, growing your own, managing, harvesting, medicinal use and art nouveau. Nearly everything you need to know. Mostly about European mistletoe.

The English Mistletoe Shop

A small, winter season online shop dealing with Mistletoe, Grow-Your-Own Kits, Books and Cards. ideal for Christmas, Valentines, and Gardeners!  Includes A Little Book About Mistletoe which explores mistletoe in a colour and accessible guide.

Mistletoe Matters Consultancy

A specialist service proving information and advice on all aspects of mistletoe in the UK. Mistletoe conservation, talks and workshops, guidance with planting, harvest and control. Plus media stories and input.

Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary

An occasional blog on mistletoe matters, written by mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs. Most active from late November  through to the planting season in February and March. Close links to Mistletoe Matters.

Mistletoe Surveys:

Finding out more about UK mistletoe. Gathering information on mistletoe in orchards and fruit trees in gardens. And a project aiming to construct a League Table of fruit varieties v mistletoe susceptibility.

Mistletoe Grow Kits

A new site, dedicated to the Mistletoe Shop's Grow-Kits. Mistletoe is a wonderful plant to have in your garden, and, as the ultimate plant for kisses, will provide plenty of romance too!