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Mistletoe Matters is a small consultancy run by Jonathan Briggs, a UK-based mistletoe expert. This website outlines some of our work, projects and advice. There are pages on growing and managing mistletoe, mistletoe surveys, talks, walks and workshops available from Mistletoe Matters, information for print and broadcast media, and details of some publications, including books, information sheets and posters.

This is just one of several mistletoe sites run by Jonathan Briggs. Others, including the general information site The Mistletoe Pages, the English Mistletoe Shop (selling mistletoe grow-kits to gardeners) and a seasonal blog - Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary, can all be accessed by visiting the Mistletoe Directory at www.mistletoe.org.uk.

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About Mistletoe Matters

With its white berries, distinctive branching pattern, perfectly-paired leaves and parasitic habit mistletoe, Viscum album, is one of our most distinctive and unusual plants. There are many other mistletoe species worldwide but ours is the true mistletoe of legend, with a long history in tradition and culture.

Mistletoe Matters is run by Jonathan Briggs, a national mistletoe expert with over 30 years research experience with this parasitic plant. It is part of a wider consultancy, Jonathan Briggs Associates.

The mistletoe consultancy provides information and advice on all aspects of mistletoe including:

Guidance and help on mistletoe planting and growing
Guidance and help on mistletoe harvest or control
Talks, walks and workshops on many aspects of mistletoe
Information on Mistletoe Survey Projects
Mistletoe Books and Information Sheets
Mistletoe news, media and press information
Information on mistletoe products at the English Mistletoe Shop

More information on all these topics is available by clicking the links above or accessing our Full Menu here.

In addition to the information on this website we also provide general mistletoe information on our Mistletoe Pages website and mistletoe products on our English Mistletoe Shop website.

You can follow Jonathan’s winter mistletoe activities via Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary on Wordpress and via Twitter (@Viscumalbum) and Facebook.

Ongoing projects include continued research into mistletoe ecology, particularly the six specialist mistletoe insects (all considered to be rare), guidance on mistletoe management and preparation of a new, bigger, mistletoe book (to expand considerably on the existing A Little Book About Mistletoe).

General terms of business are outlined on the Jonathan Briggs Associates website.

Contact information (update 2023, we are moving, over the next year or so, to the SW and cannot take new bookings for talks etc at present, sorry!)

We are based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK.



07789 684585 and 01453 791135

(Please note we do not sell, or give advice on, mistletoe for medicine)


Jonathan Briggs is on LinkedIn, and Mistletoe Matters is on Facebook.
In the winter months we blog and tweet on mistletoe matters at WordPress and @Viscumalbum


For outline terms visit our Terms page.


A Little Book About Mistletoe, by Jonathan Briggs, is available from the links below. A fuller list of articles and papers is given below the book images. A longer book is in preparation.

Other papers and articles - all by, or co-authored by, Jonathan Briggs:

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